University College is a multi-faceted unit that connects key university programs to set students on a path to academic success. The program spans from recruiting high school students to ensuring freshmen and sophomores are meeting their academic goals.

University College increases student retention and graduation rates; factors that ultimately translate to professional employment and graduate school opportunities for pg电子下载 graduates. University College organizes six key areas to engage students in setting and accomplishing academic goals. The network allows the entire university team to take an active, student-specific role in guiding academic success.

The University College provides the General Education Core Curriculum for all entering freshmen and transfer students. Our goals are to: (1) prepare first-year students with general knowledge in the areas of English and writing, creative arts, social sciences, natural and physical sciences, and mathematics, (2) provide diversification of educational programs to accommodate students with varying levels of potential for achievement, and (3) offer effective programs and services for students in the areas of advisement, counseling, academic assessment and support, tutoring, testing, and overall student success.

The fundamental goal of the University College is to provide students who matriculate at the university with services, activities, and programs which will maximize their chances of success upon entry into a program of study in a selected academic department. To accomplish this goal, the University College:

  1. Serves as the initial point of entry for all undergraduate students, both freshmen and transfer, enrolling in the institution for the first time;
  2. Maintains general education and developmental education programs commensurate to the expressed and determined needs of students;
  3. Provides students with a detailed orientation to collegiate life at the university and its enrollment requirements;
  4. Evaluates each student’s academic and personal development status upon entry;
  5. Provides each student with the appropriate program(s), services, and activities within and outside the University College that will meet identified personal and academic needs;
  6. Monitors the academic and social integration progress of each student on a regular and constant basis;
  7. Makes adjustments in the student’s degree completion program based on observations of academic progression; and
  8. Recommends students to their selected major department and school upon completion of the general core.

All undergraduate students entering the university for the first time and transfer students, who have not met the requirements for transfer to a major department and school, comprise the student population of the University College.

Areas of Engagement

Academic Advising     

Implements best advising practices and strategies which leverages collaborative efforts between professional advisors and departmental faculty

Student Support Services     

All students participating in the program get academic support through special workshops, tutorials, computer learning programs and study skills instruction. The program may provide grant aid to current active freshmen and sophomore participants who are receiving Federal Pell Grants.

Summer Developmental Program   

This program enhances the academic skills of students who do not meet all admission criteria for Mississippi’s eight public universities. The program includes classroom instruction in English, math and reading.

Upward Bound Program       

This program prepares participants for college entrance by improving their knowledge in basic academic subjects such as math, English, science, reading, French and Spanish.

Testing Services   

The mission of Testing Services is to assist the university with assessment services to admit and retain the students who attend pg电子下载 State University. Standardized tests administered are Accuplacer, ACT, ACT Residual, GRE, and Placement.

Withdrawal Process   

Any student who desires to withdraw from the university must adhere to the Satisfactory Academic Progression (SAP) policy. Additionally, students receiving federal student loans (Direct Subsidized Loan, Direct Unsubsidized Loan, and Direct PLUS Loan for Graduate and Professional Students) must complete the Online Student Exit Loan Counseling Requirement. If a student withdraws from ALL courses before more than 60% of the time has elapsed in the semester, it will be determined if he/she “earned” all financial aid received from federal programs. If the student did not earn the aforementioned aid, he/she will be informed of the amount that must be repaid and of the options for repayment. The student must submit an application for readmission if he/she plans to re-enroll. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in the recording of failing grades in all courses for which the student is registered and the losing of any refund of fees to which he/she may otherwise be entitled.

Welcome to pg电子下载 State University

University College congratulates you on your decision to attend pg电子下载 State University! You are ready to begin an incredible journey, and it is our goal to help make it the best it can be.

Academic Advising

The Office of Academic Advising maintains an advising and tutoring staff along with a computer laboratory in order to provide academic support for students.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services offers programming, support and resources to enhance your academic experience and ensure your college success.

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New Student Orientation

After you receive acceptance from the pg电子下载 State University Admissions Department, it is time for you to register for new student orientation! SOAR- Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration is held during the summer months of June and July.

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